Rent Sup Vico lake

At our facility it is possible to rent our Sup. Sailing the calm waters of the lake, you can discover breathtaking views, coves, observe the flora and fauna, enjoy enchanting places, which will make your day unforgettable.
We will provide you with all the necessary equipment to carry out the tour in complete safety. Stand up Paddle, whose acronym is Sup, is a variant of Surfing, but much simpler to learn as a technique, even as a self-taught person.
Our facility provides SUPs for beginners that are easy to use. Our SUP are absolutely stable, and allow outings without any risk. The rental includes the paddle, the life jacket, and, obviously, the Sup. It is absolutely forbidden to cross the lake, or go out into the open sea, because the currents can change, and in any case the most beautiful and significant part. It is to sail next to the reeds, where you can observe numerous species of birds, fish and mammals.
To this end, we recommend sailing the waters in silence and breathing in the sounds and atmospheres of the places! The benefits of this sport are many, as it significantly improves balance and posture, tones the abdominals, shoulders, buttocks, legs, biceps and pectorals. Rental prices are as follows:
25 euros 4 hours
40 eu 8 hours
Opening time is 10.30am and return time is 6.30pm

Our Sup Model