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A day canoeing on Lake Vico Caprarola (VT) -

Caprarola (VT) - Kayaking and canoeing on Lake Vico in the nature reserve of the same name .
A canoe trek on Lake Vico is an experience not to be missed. Lake Vico is Lazio's third largest lake after those of Bolsena and Bracciano, but it is the one that naturalistically speaking is most preserved , since back in 1981, the protected area was established.

At the end of the tour you can rest on our equipped beach, order a brunch, an aperitif and enjoy the sunset over the lake.

Lake Vico is a Regional Nature Reserve. It is compulsory to wear a life jacket and only circumnavigate the lake and not cross it. There are essentially two reasons for this, safety , but above all it is only by skirting the reeds that you will be able to observe the many species of birds that frequent it , observe their nests, the many fish present and the plant species. You can during the day , relax and stop along the lake ,in the divesri little restaurants that overlook , have breakfast , enjoy an aperitif.
The canoes are easy to use and free of difficulty even for novices. Trite to say, but it is essential to have swimming skills and it is essential not to be afraid of the water.
From the shores of the lake, which is of volcanic origin and sits an impressive 507 meters above sea level, you can paddle in relaxation , always in the company of the main relief, Mount Venus (mt. 837 asl), a secondary volcanic cone within the main crater that houses the Lake. The lake was formed during the last eruptive phase of the volcanic complex. The history of Lake Vico is linked to mythological legends that have Hercules as the architect of the lake's formation. According to legend, in fact, Hercules challenged the locals by sticking his own club into the ground, but no one was able to remove it. When Hercules did so, from the cavity formed with the club, a huge jet of water gushed out and filled the valley, thus forming Lake Vico.

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Un giorno sul lago di Vico con il Sup

Per chi fosse più sportivo e volesse affrontare una giornata mettendosi alla prova, allora vale la pensa di noleggiare i nostri Sup. Come con le canoe, il percorso è lo stesso, come lo sono il paesaggio e le opportunità di cui godere. Allo stesso modo lungo le rive del lago di Vico , si potrà sostare nei numerosi ristorantini presenti lungo il lago.
Come per le canoe è fatto assoluto divieto di attraversare il lago, ma solo di circumnavigarlo, percè è lungo il canneto che si può godere delle meraviglie della natura.