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SUP Pedalo' canoe regulations.

Canoes may be rented only by adults or accompanied minors. It is strictly forbidden to cross the lake , but you can only circumnavigate, along the shoreline. Crossing the lake is useless as well as dangerous!!! Along the shoreline, in silence, it is otherwise possible to observe the various species present, from grebes, woodpeckers, herons ,kingfishers, numerous aquatic fish, pike, carp, perch etc. etc.
It is strictly forbidden to use canoes without life jackets !!!
It is forbidden to play ball, racquetball and all those activities that may alter the peace of the places with respect to everyone!
The time of return of the equipment must be before 6:30 pm ; lateness entails a penalty of € 6.00 for every fifteen minutes of accumulated delay;
Documents must be sent to the email that will be sent to you at the time of booking. Failure to return the canoes will incur a maximum penalty of eu 600
Canoes must be placed together with paddles exactly in the canoe racks
Failure to return the paddles will incur an additional charge of eu 50.
A photo of the canoes and paddles exactly relocated must be sent at the end of the rental. Should the photos not be sent a fee of 40 euros per rental will be charged.
The use of life jackets is mandatory. Should the life jackets not be used, for whatever reason, the canoes cannot be rented and in any case the full cost of the rental will be charged.
Participants in the activities declare that they have read, understood and accepted the regulations for canoe rental and by proceeding with the reservation they declare that they accept the discharge of liability for our facility and accept the following regulations in every part.

Sunbed regulation

The spaces between the sunbeds must be observed , respecting the other customers of the facility.
The beach has a capacity of 30 loungers , as we aim mo for quality services and want our clients to enjoy rare moments of relaxation!!!
You can order on our website additional services, from picnic baskets , to aperitif baskets to enjoy ail sunset.

Structure regulation

The beach must be kept clean.
Animals are not allowed.
Access to the beach is allowed only if you have a reservation, either through direct booking or online on our website
The beach is open from 10:30 am to 7 pm .
It is forbidden to throw papers, plastic etc. , except in the appropriate containers. Cigarettes may not be thrown on the ground.
Nature must be respected!!! It was inherited not for us , but for our children, remember!!!!!
Parking Regulations
Cars must be parked in the ap posed spaces, indicated by the sign

Parking Regulations

Cars must be parked in the ap posed spaces, indicated by the sign