Rent Mountain Bike Lago di Vico

"Lago di Vico"

Lake Vico represents a unique destination for those who are passionate about mountain biking. There are many routes that can be practiced. From the simplest paths, suitable for families, to the most performing ones, which wind through valleys and areas of extraordinary beauty, immersed in nature.

We recommend downloading the "Komoot" or "Wikiloc" app on your Android or Apple store. Among the recommended routes, we have chosen the following routes for you:

Intermediate route "Circular excursion between Lake Vico and Monte Venere" -13 km - 530m height difference" suitable for everyone see link Difficult route "Around Lake Vico passing the top of Monte Fogliano" - 26 km - 810 m difference in altitude see link

Easy route "Monte Venere Devil's Pozzo circular tour of Lake Vico" -5 km - 230 m difference in altitude Intermediate route "Ancient abandoned railway of Capranica Scalo Civitavecchia, Barbarano, Blera, Allumiere, Civitavecchia" 56 km - 440 m difference in altitude see link

Other paths on komoot are at the following link and many others are present on the wikilok site see link But these are some examples.

From Lake Vico, you can leave for numerous destinations, discover the lower Maremma, passing through Sutri, Ronciglione, Caparola, Vetralla, Barbarano Romano, Monterosi, Lake Bracciano, San Martino al Cimino, Capranica, Viterbo, and many more other areas, rich in history, traditions, immersed in unique landscapes, a few km from Rome.

The paths of Lake Vico and its surroundings offer not only nature, but also glimpses of the past, both Etruscan, Roman and medieval of rare beauty. For example, hidden in the ancient beech forest, passing over a Roman cobblestone, you discover a small path that cuts vertically through the woods. A spiritual complex, the Hermitage of San Girolamo, dating back to the 16th century, suddenly opens up in the bush. The Hermitage is dug into the volcanic stone and is full and evocative of spirituality, set in the silence of the beech forest. Let's not forget a stop at the suggestive Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola, whose opening hours are from 09.00 a.m. to 6.00 pm during the summer period. The first Renaissance villa fortress, built by the noble and powerful Farnese family.

The Etruscan area of ​​Sutri, and its amphitheatre, and all the surrounding villages, with numerous archaeological areas. Let's not forget the numerous spas present, many dating back to the Roman period. Still in the area, let's not forget to spend a day in the Marturanum Park, with an extension of 1240 hectares, which falls entirely within the municipality of Barbarano, and borders the Tolfa Mountains and the mountains of Lake Vico. A visit is recommended to the Etruscan necropolis of San Giuliano, which dates back to the 7th century BC. Marturanum arose here, a settlement already present in the Bronze Age, which became a fortified outpost of the powerful city of Tarquinia.

Our electric mountain bikes are available for rental for a minimum of half a day and a maximum of nine hours per day. Prices are as follows:

mountain bike 4 hours eu 40 two shifts from 9.30am to 1.30pm

mountain bike 9 hours eu 80 from morning at 9.30 until evening at 18.30, one hour free

For information ,contact the following email MBTor call You can spend a day on Lake Vico, doing physical activity and admiring the landscape. It is also possible to linger at sunset on our beach and sip an aperitif. Sunbeds are not included in the rental. For those who wish, there is a catering service for lunch, with a daily menu.


Mountain Bike Lago di Vico